Misha Domshyn 🤽‍♂️

Owner and Senior wayfinding designer @ Moreinfo Studio. Engaged in the full spectrum of wayfinding evolution, from the inception of visionary concepts to the tangible reality of on-site installation.

  • Traversing 9000 km through the art of hitchhiking

    The journey into wayfinding projects' realm traces its roots to 2012, a chapter that unfolded as Misha embarked on an odyssey across Europe. Amidst the vibrant landscapes, it was in Portugal where the seeds of inspiration were sown as he encountered the innate convenience of navigation elements. Kindling a passion, Misha's return sparked a scholarly exploration, culminating in a series of scientific papers delving into the intricate tapestry of QR codes. A nexus of discovery emerged, unveiling the nuances of urban navigation and QR code utilization, serving as pivotal pillars for the nascent Moreinfo venture yet to unfurl.

  • Embarking on the Academic Path

    Within the tapestry of Misha's journey, the university years form a crucial thread. Enrolled at the Kharkiv National Economic University, his academic pursuit was tailored toward Tourism. Yet, the classroom confines couldn't contain his ambition. Even amidst his university tenure, Misha's foray into the world of collaboration was already set in motion. Partnering with the Kharkiv City Council's Department of International Relations, a symbiotic relationship took shape - a partnership aimed at nurturing the city's tourism landscape. This connection birthed numerous speaking engagements and active participation in esteemed tourism symposiums and exhibitions scattered across Ukraine's diverse cities.

    Misha's academic canvas was adorned with projects aimed at the very heart of Kharkiv's tourism infrastructure. A standout among these creations was the inception of the "Green Line," an innovative tourist route weaving through the city's essence, designed to be a day's exploration in a nutshell. From this inception, a seed of a comprehensive navigation venture was sown. His influence extended beyond academics; Misha spearheaded the Tourism Commission within the Youth Council of Kharkiv, a testament to his dedication.

    Moreover, a ripple effect resonated. Collaborations with luminaries in Ukraine and Kazakhstan's tourism realms set the stage for the subsequent establishment of Moreinfo. This blossoming endeavor was no mere project - it embodied a mission. A mission that centered on nurturing tourists' experiences while simultaneously gathering data to fuel the analysis of tourism patterns.

    In the grand tapestry of Misha's journey, the university chapter, painted with strokes of collaboration, innovation, and foresight, stands as a pivotal cornerstone.

  • Genesis of Moreinfo: A Journey Unveiled

    The inception of Moreinfo in early 2013 marked a defining juncture, sparked by Misha's return from an immersive European odyssey. Emerging as a humble student initiative, forged by the collaborative spirits of Misha and his comrades - Kirill, Maxim, and Ertan - the project embarked on a trajectory that would transcend its modest beginnings.

    In an unforeseen turn of events, the First Capital startup accelerator breathed life into the nascent concept, granting it residence within its nurturing confines. The metamorphosis was swift, as Misha and his cohorts, armed with boundless zeal, steered the fledgling endeavor to swift maturation. The culmination of their arduous labor materialized in the form of a full-fledged Minimum Viable Product (MVP), unveiled at the close of 2013. This seminal milestone laid the cornerstone for the Moreinfo saga, shaping the blueprint for its core tenets: the iconic Moreinfo signage and the innovative Moreinfo.ua platform.

    2014 ushered in newfound recognition, riding on the heels of a triumphant victory in a startup competition. Yet, challenges loomed on the horizon, notably navigating the intricate labyrinth of legal intricacies, particularly concerning the installation of signage upon revered cultural and architectural relics.

    The breakthrough moment materialized in 2016, culminating years of resolute perseverance. An emblematic Moreinfo sign graced the "Mirror Stream" monument in Kharkiv on August 23rd, validating the team's toil. Almost instantly, the signs' efficacy was validated, with QR code scans exceeding 1,000 within the first five days of their introduction. These scans unveiled invaluable insights, mapping tourists' interests and origins with meticulous precision.

    Subsequent evolution witnessed an array of enhancements - refined materials, Braille fonts, immersive audio narratives, multilingual content spanning 8 languages, NFC technology, and beyond. A resounding ripple of progress reverberated, as Moreinfo signs proliferated, not only across Kharkiv but also permeating other prominent Ukrainian cities and eventually transcending international borders.

    Even in times of adversity, the momentum persisted. Over 650 Moreinfo signs now grace landscapes, orchestrating approximately 1,000 daily engagements. A testament to resilience, the project's reach continues to expand, carving a remarkable narrative that defies even the most challenging circumstances.

  • Navigating through the Labyrinth of Change: The Covid-19 Chronicle

    The dawn of 2020 ushered in a transformative epoch for the Moreinfo narrative, propelling it from a project into a dynamic studio dedicated to the craft of crafting navigational masterpieces. The evolution unfurled with the meticulous crafting of serial elements, eventually blossoming into two distinct lines - the urban and park series, each harboring an array of distinctive navigational entities. August 31, 2020, marked an auspicious milestone - the realization of the inaugural large-scale navigation endeavor in Kamianets-Podilskyi. The cityscape embraced the infusion of signs, totems, and pointers, casting a tangible tapestry of guidance.

    Yet, as the world grappled with the Covid-19 conundrum, Moreinfo metamorphosed not into a crisis, but rather an opportune hiatus. This intermission served as the crucible for Misha and the team to meticulously fine-tune innovations, culminating in a transformative ascent in 2021. The year bore witness to a pivotal crescendo as individualized navigational symphonies harmonized the landscapes of Mariupol, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Vinnytsia. The rhythmic cadence of creation reverberated, imbuing the studio with an aura of optimism for the journey ahead.

    Misha's mettle was underscored by the inception of a metalworking and painting workshop, etching a legacy of craftsmanship in the very core of the studio. The frigid embrace of winter in 2022 was no deterrent, as Mariupol and the Cherkasy region emerged as canvases for installations. Meanwhile, seeds of vision took root in Uzhhorod and Vladimir, testament to an unyielding spirit.

    In a poignant tableau, the curtain fell on public presentations with the navigation concept unfolding in Ivano-Frankivsk on February 16. Yet, the tempestuous tide of fate surmounted this crescendo, unfurling its tapestry on February 24 - a symphony of war commenced, etching an indelible chapter in the narrative.

    Through tribulations and triumphs, the Moreinfo odyssey illuminates a saga of adaptation, resilience, and the pursuit of guiding light amid the darkest tempests

  • Amid the Echoes of Conflict: Navigating the Uncharted Terrain of War in Ukraine

    In the wake of an unfurling conflict, Misha's journey embarked on a trajectory unbeknownst, a voyage that would encapsulate resilience, transformation, and the pursuit of artistic innovation amidst the tumultuous backdrop of war.

    As the first echoes of strife reverberated, Misha's path converged with a call to serve, igniting a chapter of selfless volunteering. Amid the chorus of chaos, comrades from the studio's fold answered the call, enlisting in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine or the State Emergency Service. A poignant exodus ensued, as the majority of the team sought sanctuary in distant enclaves, far removed from the specter of conflict.

    The tapestry of ongoing projects, painstakingly woven by the studio's artistry, was momentarily draped in suspension. Akin to brushstrokes that find completion, projects like Uzhhorod and Volodimir reached their crescendo, bittersweet triumphs amidst a backdrop of uncertainty. Yet, the heart of Moreinfo Studio remained tethered to a nation's collective journey, awaiting the return of stability.

    In this crucible of upheaval, Moreinfo Studio's essence metamorphosed, transmuting its modus operandi to align with the cadence of a changing world. The transition was profound, as the studio unfurled its wings across borders, partnering with international behemoths and complementing their global endeavors. Navigational maps, resplendent renders, and intricate concepts unfurled like a symphony, as the studio orchestrated its artistry to harmonize with diverse cultures and landscapes.

    In the tapestry of transformation, Misha's pursuit was fortified by an affiliation with the Sign Design Society, an emblem of his commitment to the craft and a testament to Moreinfo's resilience. With the dawning of February 2023, Misha's voice resonated through an open lecture, an eloquent symphony of insight into the nuanced tapestry of FIGMA tool utilization for navigation development and design.

    Amidst the ripples of change, Moreinfo's narrative flourished, a testament to Misha's unwavering spirit and the studio's enduring legacy, embracing the challenge of an ever-evolving world with unyielding determination and creativity.

  • Charting a Course Forward: Pioneering the Path Ahead

    As the sands of time shift, casting a contemplative gaze upon the crossroads of destiny, the question lingers – what lies beyond the horizon?

    In the heart of Ukraine, a pause befalls the landscape, where projects once bustling with life now find solace in stillness. The symphony of navigation, once intertwined with the rhythm of daily existence, now echoes softly in the background. Yet, amidst this temporary lull, a steadfast belief resonates - a belief in Ukraine's resurgence, a phoenix poised to emerge from the crucible of trials.

    Amidst this epoch of transition, Misha stands resolute at the helm of his journey, eyes fixed upon the global canvas of possibilities. With each step, he seeks new vistas, new realms where his expertise can unfurl its wings and weave its magic. Volunteerism becomes a conduit for sharing, for giving back, a noble endeavor that mirrors his unwavering spirit.

    Emblazoned with a vision, Misha's mission intertwines with the very fabric of his homeland's resurgence. The mosaic of international projects becomes a repository of wisdom, poised to illuminate the path to Ukraine's post-war renaissance.

    The road unfurls, and as Misha embarks upon his journey, a new chapter beckons across the Atlantic expanse. The USA, a land of boundless opportunity and innovation, becomes the canvas for the next chapter of his odyssey. The tapestry of his expertise, resilience, and creativity is poised to unfurl in the American landscape.

    As the tale continues to weave its narrative, one thing remains certain - the echoes of Misha's journey resonate not only in the chambers of personal growth but also in the symphony of a nation's rebirth.

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