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Wayfinding Design & Development

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About MoreInfo

Hey! We are a Ukrainian company, MoreInfo, which specializes in urban wayfinding design & architecture signage. Our company has been successfully operating on the market for 6 years, and our products are installed in many cities of Ukraine.
We are engaged in the development of wayfinding products at all stages, from research to production and installation.
Due to the war in our country, we are temporarily switching to online mode. MoreInfo continues to work with design, research, and 3d model development of wayfinding products.
We will be glad to cooperate and work on urban navigation projects of any complexity. Contact us.


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Analysis and research

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Wayfinding signage design

Signage drawings and rendering

Development of a catalog of wayfinding solutions

Production & Installing

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Technical support


We are developing:

  • Park and open space wayfinding elements

    We develop wayfinding items for eco trails, park maps, and signs with information about park objects or local flora and fauna, using materials that will fit the environment of the park. We also create unique temporary navigation for children's quests and park events.

  • Tourist wayfinding elements

    The company creates navigation systems in historical city areas. Information stands, maps, and plates for architectural objects. Each object has a code, so you can find out the history of the location by scanning it. 

  • Transport maps and navigation signs

    We model transport maps with public transport routes and information signs for stops. We also create wayfinding items for cycling routes.

  • Indoor wayfinding systems

    We develop and manufacture custom interior directional signs found in larger establishments such as shopping centers, hotels, schools, and grocery stores.

  • Architecture signage

    We create sign solutions that strengthen a corporate brand, visually aid wayfinding, and enhance the built environment. We use either traditional or state-of-the-art technologies and quality materials.

  • Models and renders of products

    MoreInfo visualizes ideas. Our team helps make drawings, renderings, and presentation videos for your products (wayfinding, signage, outdoor furniture, etc).

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