About us

MoreInfo – wayfinding system-development studio, which products help tourists get accurate information about objects and city representatives receive feedback from tourists. We create custom wayfinding design solutions for both indoor and open spaces.
Based in Kharkiv, Ukraine

Our fundamentals

All our projects are created and implemented on the basis of common approaches. We help the tourist infrastructure to be clear, simple, focused on real people And we achieve this through:
SYSTEM - We look at each object in the context of a whole system that can evolve and complement over time. About this, it interacts with everything around it, complementing the environment.
ACCESSIBILITY - For every tourist we try to be understandable, which means that we communicate with universal symbols, regardless of language, for us it does not matter, age, gender, height, how you travel and information. Our task is to satisfy the demands of the majority.
PROTOTYPE - To refute or confirm our hypotheses, we use a test layout that helps save on bug fixes and object development.


Owner Misha Domshyn

The story of Moreinfo began during the second year of university after Mishka's hitchhiking summer journey from Kharkiv, Ukraine to Cabo da Roca, Portugal, and back. After covering 9,000 km of European roads and visiting over 40 cities along the way, Mishka realized what he wanted to do. Immediately upon returning to Kharkiv, he created the initial university project, More Informations.
A significant amount of time passed before the school project transformed into the first established signage and design studio that works with international clients. If you are interested in reading about the journey from idea to realization and how the studio operates during times of war, continue reading about Mishka's unique path and the Moreinfo project below.

Our history



Opening of the first Moreinfo
sign in Kharkiv



Start of service
Moreinfo in Kazakhstan



launched maintnance of navigation elements
in Vinnytsia



of Navigation systems in



Public presentation of
first navigation concept
in Mariupol



Installation of the first
pylons from the park series
in Bohodukhiv



Start of full-fledged work on foreign markets, launch of an English-language website


We are developing:

  • Park and open space wayfinding elements

    We develop wayfinding items for eco trails, park maps, and signs with information about park objects or local flora and fauna, using materials that will fit the environment of the park. We also create unique temporary navigation for children's quests and park events.

  • Tourist wayfinding elements

    The company creates navigation systems in historical city areas. Information stands, maps, and plates for architectural objects. Each object has a code, so you can find out the history of the location by scanning it.

  • Transport maps and navigation signs

    We model transport maps with public transport routes and information signs for stops. We also create wayfinding items for cycling routes.

  • Indoor wayfinding systems

    We develop and manufacture custom interior directional signs found in larger establishments such as shopping centers, hotels, schools, and grocery stores.

  • Architecture signage

    We create sign solutions that strengthen a corporate brand, visually aid wayfinding, and enhance the built environment. We use either traditional or state-of-the-art technologies and quality materials.

  • Models and renders of products

    MoreInfo visualizes ideas. Our team helps make drawings, renderings, and presentation videos for your products (wayfinding, signage, outdoor furniture, etc).

Want to work with us?

We will be happy to delve into your tasks and offer the best solution!